ANIC Condemns ISIS Video Calling for the Assassination of Islamic Figures

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) condemns the recent ISIS video calling upon its followers to kill prominent Imams, Muslim scholars and Muftis from around the Muslim and western world including Australia.

The Australian National Imams Council and its members have always been at the forefront of countering extremism, violence and radicalization regardless o9f religion.  ANIC continues to maintain that violent extremism does not belong to any religion or faith. Those who try to monopolise the Muslim faith with extreme views will never represent mainstream Islam.  With the recent video by ISIS targeting the most prominent Muslim scholars around the world, ANIC would like to reiterate that atrocities committed in the name of Islam will only polarise Muslims further and are not part of Islamic teachings.

ANIC urges the Muslim community to adhere to the correct and mainstream teachings of Islam and Islamic law. Members of the Australian National Imams Council are strong advocates in promoting peace and harmony. As such, ANIC reasserts that all Muslims must continue to respect the law of the land and discourage violence.

The Australian National Imams Council would like to thank the overwhelming support from both the Muslims and wider Australian community during these difficult times where Muslims are unfortunately subjected to attacks by both extremes of the ideological and political spectrum.